This Keanu Reeves-Adam Driver 'Face Swap' May Be Just A Jedi Mind Trick

Or a glitch in the matrix.

Some folks online have long believed that actors Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver could be one and the same. But comic book creator Mark Millar took the lighthearted theory to the next level when he shared what he claimed was a face swap of the two stars on Twitter Monday.

Millar’s purported shot of “John Wick” star Reeves on Driver’s body (which actually emerged online earlier in the year), leaves you “confused and slightly lost,” he said.

(One might note that there is only the one photo of Driver’s body, and no corresponding body for Driver to “swap” to). But it was certainly confusing to us and some Twitter users:

For comparison, here are actual photographs of the pair:

Clarification: This article has been updated throughout to be less credulous of the claim that Reeves is featured in either image of this supposed “face swap.”