Adam Driver's Kylo Ren Goes Undercover As Nerdy Intern On 'Saturday Night Live'

"I made four new friends and only killed one of them," says intern from hell.

Adam Driver returned as host of “Saturday Night Live” and resurrected a version of his classic 2016 “Undercover Boss: Star Killer Base” sketch. This time his “Star Wars” persona Kylo Ren went undercover as “Randy,” an “entry-level intern” on the Star Destroyer.

“I haven’t been the best boss lately,” admits Kylo Ren. “I’ve been a little distracted by some personal drama.”

A voice-over explains: “Kylo killed his dad, cut his mentor in half, fired upon his mother’s spacecraft and is now obsessed with finding a young Jedi named Rey.”

Now he’s after a “fresh perspective.” But he’s a bit cranky as an intern, doesn’t like the rude stormtroopers, fries printers — and creams a disrespectful admiral (Beck Bennett) with a death stare. “Oh, my God,” he says in fake concern. “Are you OK?”

“I made four new friends and only killed one of them” (with a lightsaber), he recounts when his intern stint is over. “I’d say that’s a pretty good start.”

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