Adam Dunn 400th Home Run: Fan Arrested For Retriving Ball In Kauffman Stadium Fountain (VIDEO)

Adam Dunn launched his 400th career home run in a 9-4 loss to Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium on Saturday. A White Sox fan went after the milestone keepsake, climbing over the railing and into the famed outfield fountain in left-center to retrieve the ball.

According to Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago, the fan wearing a Kevin Youkilis jersey was arrested and stripped of the ball when he tried getting back to his seat (soaking wet).

The Kauffman Stadium policy states that any fan who enters the fountain area will be "immediately arrested" and taken to the police station downtown.

We can only wonder what would have happened to the fan if Dunn happened to play for the Royals. Often times when a milestone ball is hit to the outfield seats by the home team and a home fan snags it, that person is greeted with cheers, sometimes rewards and maybe even the occasional interview.

That's what happened when one Orioles fan grabbed both of Manny Machado's first two career homers earlier this month. The Yankees fan who caught Derek Jeter's 3000th hit even got his own press conference.

Unfortunately for the White Sox fan on Saturday, he couldn't bypass stadium policy.

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