Adam Dunn Pitched An Inning Because The Baseball Gods Are Good (VIDEO)

WATCH: Proof That The Baseball Gods Are Good

Adam Dunn pitched an inning on Tuesday night. Yes, Adam Dunn, the hulking 285-pound slugger with 457 career home runs, took the mound in the ninth inning for the Chicago White Sox.

Trailing 15-0 to the Texas Rangers at the time, Dunn pitching might have been the only thing (besides a miraculous comeback) that could make the White Sox fans at U.S. Cellular Field happy. Even Rangers star Adrian Beltre seemed to be impressed.

(GIF via @cjzero)

Dunn ended up throwing 22 pitches while allowing two hits, a walk and a run, all with a smile on his face. He walked off the field to a standing ovation.

“I haven’t laughed on a baseball field like that in a long time,” center fielder Adam Eaton said after the game, per “It takes you back to the glory days and like I said, he had good sink, that’s all I can say."

Dunn, who apparently had been "begging" White Sox manager Robin Ventura to pitch for a while, didn't just please the White Sox fans. Those on Twitter could not believe what was taking place.

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