Adam Fleischman LA Creamery: Umami Burger Founder Acquires A Stake In Ice Cream Company (PHOTOS)

The Umami Burger empire continues to conquer LA!

Adam Fleischman, the owner of the wildly popular burger chain, has just acquired a stake in the two-year-old ice cream company LA Creamery.

Fleischman plans to expand distribution of the Chatsworth-based company's ice cream, as well as create unique, surprising flavors, reports LA Weekly.

New flavors include absinthe, Chimay beer, Tennessee Whiskey, banana chocolate chunk, and salted caramel and honeycomb, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

Currently, LA Creamery's site is offering a pack of "Adam's Picks" for a pricey $90: Porc Phat, Boozy Breakfast, Honeycomb, Mezcal, Green Tea and Salted Chocolate.

The ice cream company is already installed at Fleischman's Westwood pizzeria, 800 Degrees, and may be making its own brick-and-mortar debut soon. "We might sneak one in somewhere ... Don't be surprised," said Fleischman to Nation's Restaurant News.

Check out some pictures of LA Creamery's treats. All photos courtesy of Facebook: LA Creamery.

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