Professor Adam Grant On What It Means To Work A Meaningless Job

This Is What It Means To Work A Meaningless Job

Adam Grant, a professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, joined HuffPost Live at Davos on Wednesday to discuss the meaningfulness of jobs.

"Most of us work in meaningless jobs, and if you look at what makes a job meaningless, the number one predictor by far is feeling like what you do doesn't benefit anyone else," Grant said.

Grant said showing people that the work they do impacts others can boost the feeling of meaningfulness and improve the quality of work over time.

Adam Grant said companies like Men's Wearhouse that invest in every employee's mastery of skills edge out competitors because the employees feel as though their jobs are more meaningful. Grant said that approach to workers is becoming even more of a necessity.

"Attracting, motivating and retaining really talented people is not a luxury," Grant said.

Below, more updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting:

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