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Man Shoots Himself In Foot To See How It Feels, Colorado Police Say

Concept for don't shoot yourself in the foot
Concept for don't shoot yourself in the foot

Some guys shoot themselves in the foot metaphorically. but only Adam Hirtle knows if it's worse to do it literally. And he did it not once, but twice.

Hirtle, 30, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, told investigators he purposely shot himself in the foot Wednesday night because he was curious how it would feel, the Denver Post reported.

Investigators went to a hospital around 7 p.m. after getting a call about an accidental gun discharge.

Hirtle was quick to correct them that his wounds were anything but accidental.

He told officers he intentionally pointed a .22 caliber, semi-automatic handgun at his foot and pulled the trigger , according to Fox News.

Police said Hirtle told them he was in the garage and decided to take off his boot and shoot his foot. Then he put the boot back on and took another shot, according to

Hirtle did not sustain life-threatening injuries from his self-inflicted wounds, according to

What Hirtle will do with his newfound knowledge is anyone's guess. However, he will be getting an education in the legal system, according to Westword.

Hirtle has been arrested on suspicion of a prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse, because one or more kids may have been in the vicinity when he fired the gun.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect that Hirtle asserted that his injury was not accidental. A previous version of the the story said he maintained "his wounds were anything but deliberate."

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