GOP Lawmaker Knocks Trump For 'Taking A Shot At Biden While Praising A Dictator'

Rep. Adam Kinzinger hits Trump for siding with Kim Jong Un in a bizarre weekend tweet.

A Republican lawmaker is calling out President Donald Trump for attacking former Vice President Joe Biden and praising North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in a tweet over Memorial Day weekend. 

“This is just plain wrong,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) wrote on Twitter.  

Kim last week attacked Biden as a “fool of low IQ” and an “imbecile.”

Trump sided with Kim, gleefully joining in the attack in a tweet calling Biden a “low IQ individual & worse.” Trump deleted the tweet after misspelling Biden, then sent it out again after correcting the typo. 

He also said he had “confidence” in Kim and even suggested the dictator was sending him “a signal.”

Kinzinger, a veteran who served in Iraq and remains an active duty member of the Air National Guard, replied to the president’s corrected tweet: 

Trump’s “confidence” in Kim also came under attack by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who said she “certainly wouldn’t trust Kim Jong Un.”

Trump dismissed North Korea’s latest missile tests as “small weapons,” but Ernst on CNN called them “very disturbing.”

“We need to see North Korea back off of those activities, and we need to take a very strong stance on that,” Ernst said. “Understanding the president has a job to do in negotiating but we do need to push back on North Korea.” 

The White House on Sunday didn’t back down. 

Trump and Kim “agree in their assessment of former Vice President Joe Biden,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on “Meet the Press.” 

She added that Trump’s “focus in this process is the relationship he has [with Kim] and making sure we continue on the path of denuclearization.”



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