Adam Lambert Opens Up About His Love Life, But Don't Expect To See Him On Grindr

Adam Lambert opened up about his love life -- or, rather, lack thereof -- in an interview with HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

"I haven't dated in a minute," the star, who split from boyfriend Sauli Koskinen in 2013, said. As it turns out, the release of his hotly-anticipated new album, "The Original High," has kept Lambert busier than ever. "I'm dating my album, I keep saying. We're having a very exclusive relationship."

Noting that he hasn't "had a minute of social time" in a "non-stop" month of album promotion, Lambert said he's always able to find ways to stay social despite being single. Just don't expect him to turn to Grindr to spice up his personal life.

"Ew," he quipped, after a viewer asked if he was on the popular gay social app.

The 33-year-old also took the time to recall navigating "American Idol" before he'd come out as gay in the media.

"I can guarantee if any of the judges had asked me about my personal life or my preference, I would've been an open book. But it just never came up," Lambert, who came out to friends and family at 18, said.