Adam Lambert Insures Voice For $48 Million?

Adam Lambert isn't leaving anything to chance when it comes to his voice.

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that the American Idol runner-up recently insured his voice for $48 million as he prepares for several promotional appearances in the coming months.

His management is said to have prompted the move, with a source telling the publication, "Insurance for stars is a big deal in the U.S. and Adam's voice is his bacon. He had it insured last week."

If this news is true, Lambert will have outspent Bruce Springsteen on insurance. It was reported as long ago as 1988 that Springsteen had a $5.7 million policy on his voice from Lloyd's of London, but neither Springsteen nor Lloyd's would confirm the claim.

Lambert teased fans a few months ago on Twitter, telling them that he would begin touring for his sophomore album "Trespassing" "when the time is right." He has scheduled a few performances in the next two months, but no official tour announcement has been made since the August tweet -- a sign he might not be ready to test his new policy just yet.

[via MSN]

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