Adam Lanza, Newtown Killer, Was Abused At Sandy Hook Elementary By Classmates: Family Member

A relative of Adam Lanza said the Newtown killer was abused while he attended Sandy Hook Elementary.

The New York Daily News writes that Adam Lanza "never seemed emotionally right after his time in Sandy Hook," according to a family member who was granted anonymity by the paper.

"Adam would come home with bruises all over his body,” the relative said. “His mom would ask him what was wrong, and he wouldn’t say anything. He would just sit there."

For more on the steps Lanza's mom reportedly took to end the abuse and other details about the alleged bullying, read the entire Daily News story here.

Lanza shot his mother in their Connecticut home before slaying 20 first-graders and six staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. He then committed suicide.

It's been previously reported that Lanza may have been influenced by other mass shootings. The Newtown shooter apparently kept a huge, meticulously detailed spreadsheet of other mass murders and attempted killings.

But while potential motives for Lanza's massacre continue to trickle in, authorities have kept mum on the topic while the investigation, which could last through the summer, continues.

If it's possible to determine a motive for the massacre, there may be clues in Adam Lanza's journals, which state police seized from the house and turned over to the FBI for analysis. But authorities say that so far no conclusions have been reached.



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