Adam Levine Was Too Scared To Watch His 'American Horror Story' Episodes In Full (VIDEO)

“The Voice” judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently added actor to his resume with a guest arc on FX’s “American Horror Story.” Thursday on “Today” and "Access Hollywood Live," Levine said that the horror series was fun to film, but watching it freaked him out so much that he couldn't get through his own episodes, and probably won't be watching the show again.

Levine confessed that he's not a big fan of horror, but took the role to conquer his fears. "I do lose an arm. I'm really happy that it wasn't real, cause I couldn't imagine how much that would hurt ... I don't like the horror genre very much, so I told Ryan Murphy, I basically said, 'I don't like this show.' I thought it would be a nice way to kind of face my fear."

But he admitted "AHS" scared him so badly that he couldn't make it through watching his own episodes. "When I watched a little bit of it, I was terrified, of everything but my part. So I might as well never watch that show again. What the hell was that? That show is totally f*cked up. It was really hard to watch, because it's just so weird and disturbing."

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