Adam Levine, Anne V Split Caught The Maroon 5 Singer Off-Guard

Anne V Totally Surprised Adam Levine With Breakup

Looks like it was an unhappy ending for Anne V and her former beau, Adam Levine.

The Victoria's Secret model released a statement to People confirming the pair's split last week, stating, "Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner." But Us Weekly reports that things weren't so amicable -- in fact, Levine wasn't even totally aware they were breaking up.

The statement to People? "It was a cheap shot," a "friend" of Anne's tells Us Weekly, saying that Anne was trying to protect her own reputation.

Now, with the story out, a source tells Us Weekly, "Adam's heartbroken."

The whole thing's a bummer, really -- Anne V always looks so bright and cheery and, well, have you met a girl who doesn't melt for the Maroon 5 frontman? Fingers crossed all the drama and alleged backstabbing is mere gossip. Otherwise, we'll have to categorize Anne V as yet another Model Heartbreaker...

Glimpse the couple in happier times in the pics below and head to to read more.

April 2010

Adam Levine and Anne V

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