Adam Mabery Allegedly Broke Into Thrift Store And Danced In Red Dress (VIDEO)

WHAT A DRAG: Sex Offender Breaks Into Goodwill To Dance Around In Red Dress

A convicted sex offender who was just released from prison didn't show much goodwill for the Goodwill Thrift Store in Sherman, Texas.

Authorities say Adam Mabery smashed through the glass at the store early Monday morning -- naked -- and put on a red dress and heels and proceeded to dance around the thrift store, dripping blood on the merchandise. The footage -- shown at RightThisMinute -- shows the gender-bending perp causing more than $30,000 in damage in the process.

"It just makes you wonder what the heck somebody can do," Bill Williams, Goodwill's operations director, told KVUE-TV. "Just for one person to tear up what he tore up... It kind of looked like a war zone in here."

Mabery recently moved to Sherman from Houston after being released from prison.

According to local police, Mabury broke through the glass window of a nearby motel, then cut himself on the head and arm before running amok in the second-hand store.

The front desk clerk at the Executive Inn where Mabery was staying called Sherman police after he broke out, according to hotel manager Jai Demla told KXII-TV.

Sherman Police Sergeant Bruce Dawsey doesn't know if the accused was having a mental breakdown.

"Not sure what his mental state was at the time -- if he was intoxicated on alcohol or some other substance," Dawsey told KXII-TV.

Mabery's bloody ballet caused a lot of damage, according to Goodwill spokeswoman Lisa Gann.

"We had eight barrels of donations that hadn't been processed yet, and every one of those had to be thrown out," she told KVUE-TV, adding that the charity had to spend $8,000 on a HazMat crew to clean up the blood, which also required the store to be closed for a few days. The glass counters, carpeting and front door must all be replaced.

Meanwhile, Mabery was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries before being booked into the Grayson County Jail for criminal mischief and burglary -- both felony charges. He's also facing charges for failing to register as a sex offender in North Texas.

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