Adam Pally's 'Iron Man 3' Deleted Scene: 'Your Eyes Aren't As Dead As They Are Here' (VIDEO)


One of the very best parts of the very great "Iron Man 3" is when Tony Stark enlists the help of television cameraman Gary during a key moment in Shane Black's global blockbuster -- if only because it provided Robert Downey Jr. the chance to riff with former "Happy Endings" star and Upright Citizens Brigade alum Adam Pally. "Shane was really cool about my improv background, and he gave me some amazing notes, and we'd do one regular take and one take where Robert would start improvising," Pally told Vulture in an interview earlier this year. "All I had to do was keep up with him to come out looking good."

With "Iron Man 3" hitting Blu-ray on Sept. 24 in the US (9 September in the UK), HuffPost Entertainment is happy to debut an exclusive deleted scene featuring Pally improving with Downey about Gary's very peculiar tattoo. Watch the clip above.

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