Adam Richman Offers Food Challenge Tips To Journalists Eating 5-Pound Burger (VIDEO)

If ever you had ambitions of being a professional food challenge competitor, best take a look at this video featuring "Man v. Food" star Adam Richman as he gives a few pointers to a group of U.K. food writers.

By a few pointers, we mean walking the group through the entire process of taking down a five-pound hamburger in 30 minutes. Richman's advice clearly comes from years of challenges.

Pointing to the burger, he tells the writers to "cut it up like a pizza pie... You want it in manageable chunks, and you must eat the hot bits first: trust me when I say that cold chips and cold meat are much less palatable than cold bread or tomatoes."

He also warned against drinking water, lest it make the bread swell inside the challengers' stomachs. "Chew on a tomato instead if you're thirsty," he advised.

For more helpful tips -- and to see if the journos manage to clear their plates -- watch the video below.



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