Adam Rippon Confirms There's 'Maybe' Some Drama With Johnny Weir

A rep for Weir said talk of rivalry between the Olympic skaters is "completely false."
The rumors are "maybe" true. 
The rumors are "maybe" true. 

Adam Rippon just “maybe” confirmed there’s some icy tension between himself and former figure skater and NBC commentator Johnny Weir.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Tuesday, a caller asked Rippon if Page Six’s reported rumors of drama between the two were true. The outlet reported that Weir felt “upstaged and threw a fit about Adam” at the Olympics.

“Um, maybe,” Rippon said with a slight smile and a head nod. “I think maybe. But you know what? I’m not coming for his job. I’m not coming for his gig.” 

Rippon also told the Bravo show’s host Andy Cohen that the two skaters “didn’t really have any interactions” at the Olympics. 

“We’ve always reached out to each other, and I’ve always, liked, thanked him because I kind of feel like, he kind of, like, helped make my way a little bit easier,” Rippon, the first openly gay American male figure skater to compete at the Olympics, told Cohen.  Weir came out as gay in 2011, shortly after competing in his second Winter Olympics.

A representative for Weir told HuffPost Wednesday: “The Page Six story was completely false. Johnny is proud of and stands behind all the athletes and their accomplishments.” The rep didn’t have any comment on Rippon’s talk show remarks.

Rippon said he doesn’t want Weir’s gig as commentator for network TV coverage of the Olympics. When Cohen asked the skater if he had aspirations to be an announcer, he answered, “Not really.”

The bronze medalist turned down the chance to be an NBC commentator at this year’s Olympics when he was done competing. Rippon said at the time he didn’t want to leave Team USA and the Olympic Village for the role. 

He did seem to enjoy his time at Bravo, though. 

“I really love being here and like, drinking,” Rippon said on Cohen’s show. 

Someone get this man and his S&M-inspired Oscars tuxedo a TV show (or at least an appearance on “Real Houswives”). 



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