Adam Sandler Attacked By A Cheetah; Star Hilariously Recounts Safari Scare To David Letterman (VIDEO)

Safaris: They're all fun and games, until one of the cheetahs attacks you.

In a candid moment during Wednesday's episode of "The Late Show with David Letterman," comedian Adam Sandler recounted a recent, not-so-funny experience with an aggressive cheetah.

Sandler, who was visiting South Africa during filming of the upcoming film “Blended,” told the late night host that he was invited to help feed a cheetah water as part of a private safari.

"This is a true story," the "Grown Ups 2" star told Letterman, introducing a clip of the incident. "I went there and they let me in with a cheetah and said I could feed the cheetah water with my hands. So, I did it and it went a little bit wrong."

The video shows Sandler, the animal specialist and the cheetah near a pool of water. As Sandler kneels by the pool, however, the cheetah circles around behind him and jumps on his back and neck, knocking him forward.

"Oh man," exclaimed a clearly shocked Letterman. "Wow! You were remarkably composed!"

The comedian explained that apparently, "you’re not supposed to bend down low by the water and that’s why [the cheetah] got mad... I swear to God when he jumped on me all I was gonna do was let him eat me, there was not one part of me that was gonna fight back. I was like, ‘All right, this is how I’m dying.’”



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