Adam Sandler Says His Black Eye Was The Result Of A 'Bed Accident'

Sandler was asked about a wound on his face while appearing on "Good Morning America" this week to promote his Netflix movie, "Hustle."
Adam Sandler stars in "Hustle," which hits Netflix June 8.
Adam Sandler stars in "Hustle," which hits Netflix June 8.
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Adam Sandler is on the mend after what he described as an unusual incident involving a hotel bed and his cell phone.

The Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated actor stopped by “Good Morning America” on Monday to promote his new movie, “Hustle.” Before he could chat about the film, however, he was asked by co-host Michael Strahan to explain a bruise and scab that had formed just below his left eye.

The incident, Sandler explained, had taken place as he attempted to retrieve his phone in the middle of the night.

“Somebody tucked in the sheets too much,” he said. “I had my phone in the middle of the bed. I kicked my feet up [to] untuck it. The phone went flying, hit me in the head.”

Watch Adam Sandler’s “Good Morning America” appearance below.

Though Sandler said he “felt blood” immediately afterward, he “refused to acknowledge” his wound until the next morning.

“There’s nothing cool about this thing,” he quipped. “When I’m on the streets of New York, I see people going: ‘Oh, OK. He likes to fight, that guy.’ I’m like: ‘It was a bed accident.’”

Sandler’s injury was a hot topic yet again during his Monday night appearance on “The Tonight Show,” during which he shared some slightly more gruesome details with host Jimmy Fallon.

“I was bleeding terribly,” he said. “It was pitch black in the room and I feel wetness and I go, ‘Yes, I’m gonna trick myself. Those are probably just thick tears.’ ... I didn’t want to get up because I was tired. And I was like: ‘Ah, we’ll fix that later.’ Then I woke up, it was horrible. There was blood on the bed and all that stuff.”

In better news, Sandler is winning raves for his role in the basketball drama “Hustle,” which hits Netflix Wednesday. The Hollywood Reporter praised the movie’s “depth of feeling” and “disarming sincerity,” while the Los Angeles Times compared Sandler’s performance favorably to that of Tom Cruise in 1996’s “Jerry Maguire.”

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