Adam Sandler Lampoons Mel Gibson In "Zohan"

Adam Sandler's new movie "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" comes out Friday, and inside Sandler pokes fun at Mel "sugar tits" Gibson, who uttered antisemitic sentiments when arrested for drunk driving in July 2006. In the film, Sandler plays an Israeli soldier turned New York hairdresser.

Fox writes of the film;

But right up front is this: a two-pronged attack on Mel Gibson for his anti-Semitic comments of a couple of years ago. When Gibson sees "Zohan," I think it's pretty clear he won't be laughing. He probably also won't be doing business with either Sony or Sandler ever again.

I'm quite sure that Sandler doesn't care, and I suppose Sony doesn't either. Gibson is considered pretty much radioactive in Hollywood following his whole Malibu arrest and rant, his subsequent unconvincing mea culpa to Diane Sawyer, and his further sightings in alcohol friendly situations.

But Sandler and writers Judd Apatow and Rob Smigel don't go easy on him. At least twice in "Zohan" they hold Gibson up for ridicule. In one instance he's the punchline for a joke. In another, more explicitly, his movies are used to underscore the neo Nazi rantings of a redneck played by rocker Dave Matthews.

writes of Matthews' character:
"A band of Mel Gibson-loving racist rednecks (led by Dave Matthews)"

And from Arizona:
At least Sandler practices equal opportunity offensiveness, mocking stereotypes of Jews and Arabs with equal aplomb, and taking several digs at Mel Gibson and his raging xenophobia.

Decide for yourself when the movie opens. The trailer is below: