Adam Sandler's Story Of Swimming At A Nude Beach Goes Off The Rails

The "Hustle" star was on location in Spain when he took it all off — and regretted it.

Adam Sandler said Monday he was the “Sandman just floating around” in the sea in Spain when he came upon a nude beach. (Watch the video below.)

So he did as the Spaniards do ― well, at least the ones at the naked Mediterranean enclave ― and stripped off his shorts.

But instantly he thought he “shouldn’t do this.”

“Someone is gonna take my picture and ruin my life,” he told host Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

The salty water kept his bits in view even when he tried pushing down, he claimed, and they caught the attention of seagulls.

This is where fact and shtick seem to blur, as the “Hustle” star described a conversation in which the hungry birds debated whether it was a worm or a McDonald’s fry.

“I was a guest in their country,” Sandler said. “I gave it to ’em. I said, ‘You have a good time.’”

Sandler’s new basketball movie “Hustle,” which was partially shot in Spain, arrives Wednesday on Netflix.

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