Adam Sandler's Quarantine Sleep Song Features A Trippy Nap With Shaquille O'Neal

The comedian dreams the day away in his latest coronavirus song, but it's no yawner.

Adam Sandler’s song about sleeping through lockdown ought to wake you up.

The comedian posted a fun ditty Sunday about him getting near-constant shut-eye during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I wake up in the morning/ get up on my feet/ dress my arms and legs/ then fall right back asleep,” he raps. “Wake up a few hours later /start to toast some bread/ pull it out/ butter it up /then go back to bed.”

The clip, which has fun cameos from his wife Jackie and daughters Sunny and Sadie, veers delightfully into a dream sequence of Sandler running into Shaquille O’Neal in outer space and finding an escape pod with the NBA great so they can take a siesta together.

Sleep tight, you two!

The “Uncut Gems” star has already performed shelter-in-place songs urging doctors to find a cure for COVID-19 (“And I hope they save us soon/’Cause I’m really, really sick of my family”) and asked family members to steer clear of the elderly to keep them safe (“So don’t touch Grandma/ keep it to Zoom/ or learn to play canasta/ from across the room”).

Before this pandemic is over, the former “SNL” trouper might have enough material for a whole album.