Adam Sandler’s Red Carpet Date Was His 23-Year-Old Doppelgänger

They HAVE to be related.

Adam Sandler sure knows how to rule a red carpet.

The actor ensured all eyes were on him at the premiere of his new movie, "The Do-Over," by bringing his doppelgänger as his date. 

The resemblance is spooky!
The resemblance is spooky!

Sandler's lookalike, a 23-year-old named Max Kessler, connected with the actor over a Reddit post over a month ago. Kessler (who already bears a striking resemblance to the actor) found out that the character Sandler plays in his "The Do-Over" is also named -- wait for it -- Max Kessler.

After joking back and forth with each other on the site, the actor invited Kessler to come hang out with him at "The Do-Over" premiere. The two, who were meeting for the first time on the red carpet Monday night, seemed to hit it off right away. 

"It's a younger, sweeter, better version of me," Sandler said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "He's a good kid, he's funny as hell and I was happy to meet him."



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