Have Grindr And Other Hookup Apps Ruined Gay Male Culture?

Just ask out comedian Adam Sank.
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You'll have to wait for Christmas Day to check out comic Adam Sank’s first comedy album, "Adam Sank: Live from the Stonewall Inn," but you can get a taste of things to come via the exclusive snippet below.

In the clip, the New York-based funnyman, 44, hilariously bemoans the impact that hookup apps like Grindr have had on gay male culture.

"It's ruined us as a culture, I think," he quips. While Sank isn't immune to the occasional charm of a digital liaison, he believes Grindr has made finding love in New York more challenging than ever, with prospective suitors all glued to their mobile devices: "I walk down the street, I try to cruise guys, and they don't f**king see me!"

The full-length album, which hits iTunes, Google Play and other digital retailers on Dec. 25, captures Sank riffing on awkward high school hook-ups, horny Muppets and other tawdry topics before a sold-out crowd last September. The comedian, who has toured the country with his show and has been featured on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," says the decision to record his performance at New York's Stonewall Inn was a "very important" one, even if humor isn't normally associated with the historic venue.

"If the Stonewall Riots hadn't happened, I wouldn't be able to get on stage as an openly gay man and tell dick jokes," he said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "It's a place that really represents freedom and perseverance. Plus, they always give me free drinks there."

While much of his act is rooted in his personal experience as an out-and-proud Manhattanite, Sank hopes listeners of all different sexualities will find humor in his anecdotes because "we've all had awful sex at one time or another."

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