Adam Savage's Screaming Duck Bomb Is A Weapon Of Mass Distraction

"It's even more amazing in person than you can imagine."

It's no chicken cannon, but MythBuster Adam Savage's new take on the Duck Army could have potential as a weapon -- at least, assuming your enemy has sensitive ears.

For the uninitiated, the world recently learned -- via a video from a Norwegian mechanic named Kevin Synnes -- that when you take a bunch of honking rubber duck toys, squeeze them together and let them go, they produce a screaming, sobbing noise like what was probably heard at the exorcism of Legion. (Synnes' video later got made into an incredibly viral Vine by Charlie "Not That Charlie Murphy" Murphy, of Ireland.)

Savage's "duck bomb" starts off with the toys already squeezed together. The Discovery Channel host then unleashes the waterfowl by pulling away a strategically positioned plank.

Now that's innovation.

Savage explained his fascination with the toys in a Sunday blog post at Tested.

"Like many, I had my doubts as to the Duck Army video's veracity: I couldn't imagine that all the duck noisemakers could be set to such varying tones, making it sound like a visit to Dante's Hell," he wrote. "So I ordered 12 duck toys and did a little freelance mythbusting. Sure enough, it's even more amazing in person than you can imagine."

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