Adam Schiff Reveals The Donald Trump Insult His Daughter Jokingly Used Against Him

The California Democrat joked that it's "pretty scary" spending half his day inside Trump's head.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Monday recalled the lighthearted moment that one of President Donald Trump’s insults was used against him, by his own daughter.

Schiff ― appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” ― remembered expressing his shock at being recognized on the street while visiting his daughter at college in New York.

“Well, you know Dad, it’s the pencil neck,” Schiff said she responded. Trump called Schiff a “little pencil-neck” during a rally in Michigan in March 2019.

Schiff said his collar size was 16 1/2, which Kimmel deemed “perfectly reasonable.” He also revealed how people now sometimes approach him and are surprised to find his neck looks “kind of normal.”

Kimmel suggested it was a good thing Trump was obsessed with Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager in the Senate trial of the president.

“I spend half my day inside his head, apparently, and I gotta tell you it’s pretty scary in there,” said Schiff. “It’s everything I can do to avoid all the marbles rolling around.”

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