Adam Scott To Mitch McConnell: Don't Use My Image, Unless It's For 'Humiliating Defeat'

The "Parks and Recreation" star called out the Senate majority leader for using a GIF to react to an article about Trump's Supreme Court plans.

Actor Adam Scott isn’t mincing words: He doesn’t want Mitch McConnell to tweet out GIFs featuring his face under any circumstance except one.

The “Parks and Recreation” star was livid on Wednesday after he discovered the Senate majority leader’s Twitter account had used Scott’s image in this tweet Monday.   

The tweet was in reaction to a story in The Hill in which Donald Trump said he’d fill a Supreme Court vacancy if one were to come up before the 2020 election.

This would be a complete reversal from 2016, when Trump supported McConnell’s refusal to let the Senate consider Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland for the court. McConnell had claimed the American people should decide because it was an election year.

Scott was not happy that McConnell used a cheeky reaction shot of him to comment on the story and made his opinion known on Wednesday.

McConnell’s camp responded to the suggestion of a “humiliating defeat” with a photo of a fictional newspaper article involving Scott’s “Parks and Recreation” character Ben Wyatt, a former small-town mayor who was impeached after bankrupting the community with a giant ice facility.

Scott fired back with a real photo of McConnell back in the 1990s, posing in front of a Confederate flag.

Others joined in, mostly to pile on McConnell’s camp:



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