Adam Scott To Produce Three More TV Intro Mockumentary Specials For Adult Swim

Adam Scott will be recreating several more classic TV show introductions for Adult Swim. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that after the viral success of the weirdly hilarious 15-minute "Greatest Event In Television History" special in which Scott, Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd duplicated the intro sequence of "Simon & Simon" shot-for-shot, the evening Cartoon Network syndicate has commissioned at least three more.

Scott also told THR about the humble beginnings of the "Simon & Simon" remake idea. He and Hamm were emailing each other classic TV intros: “We e-mailed each other 'Simon & Simon' at the exact same time, and I said, ‘We should do a shot-for-shot remake of this,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, totally.’”

Hamm put the special in perspective in an interview with Vulture. “Over four days, we did this insanely ambitious, ultimately pointless thing that I think is really funny and weird."

Which classic TV show introductions would you like to see Scott & co. recreate next? Let us know in the comments.

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