Adam Umhoefer Of AFER, Prop 8 Lawsuit Sponsor, Slams Chris Christie On DOMA Reaction

On June 26 the United States Supreme Court struck down California's Proposition 8.

Fresh off his victory at the Supreme Court, Adam Umhoefer of the American Foundation For Equal Rights (AFER), which filed the lawsuit challenging the proposition, joined HuffPost Live to discuss what he's experienced since receiving the historic news.

During the segment, a clip of New Jersey governor Chris Christie stating that he didn't think the ruling was appropriate or important was played.

"One of the things we've argued since day one of this case is that the constitution exists to protect our rights. That's its purpose. The courts are there to protect us, to make sure that those rights aren't infringed upon," Umhoefer said in response.

"When you look at something like marriage, which the Supreme Court 14 times has said is a fundamental right for all citizens, when you're denying someone that right, it's absolutely appropriate for the courts to step in. So I strongly disagree with what the governor said."

Watch the clip above and view the entire interview here.



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