Adam Wheeler: Lying Harvard Student's Resume Claims Multiple Manuscripts Written, Awards Won

Not too long ago, The New Republic received a near-perfect resume from a young man named Adam Wheeler, who was vying for a literary internship at the magazine. The three-page document boasted a 4.0 GPA from Harvard, 18 prize and scholarship awards, invitations to lecture, two working manuscripts and proficiency in Old English, Classical Armenian and Old Persian.

In a testament to their vetting process, the magazine rejected Wheeler, who has been thrust into the national spotlight for allegedly fabricating his entire docket of accomplishments in a "Talented Mr. Ripley"-meets-Clark Rockefeller scenario. (Wheeler today plead not guilty to 20 charges of fraud and identity theft.)

But the magazine did hold onto his resume, the entirety of which can be downloaded here. The first page is excerpted below. For more on Wheeler's story, see here.