Adam Woldemarim, Las Vegas Cab Driver, Returns $221,510 To Passenger

Honest Cab Driver Returns Huge Cash Load Left In His Car

On September 2, Adam Woldemarim was cleaning out his Las Vegas cab when he discovered a small fortune stashed in the back seat.

Now the cliche goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but this honest cabbie refused to let his patron leave without his winnings.

Woldermarim, 42, was cleaning out the back of his cab before his 2 pm shift when he discovered a black laptop case filled with $221,510 in cash, Yahoo News reports.

USA Today reported that instead of keeping the money for himself, Woldermarim immediately took the cash to security at Frias Transportation Management, which owns his company, Virgin Valley Cab.

An hour later, security called Woldermarim back to the office -- the owner of the cash had come to security to reclaim his winnings. It turns out he had won the money gambling at the Wynn. According to Fox News, the man was on his way to the airport when he realized that he had forgotten the laptop case filled with cash in the car.

The unidentified young man was extremely grateful to have his money back. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he hugged Woldermarin and then rewarded him for his honesty, by tipping him $2,000.

Woldermarin, who is originally from Ethiopia, will send some of his tip back to his family there, wrote the newspaper.

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