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Adaptive Clothing Brands That Make Getting Dressed Easier

Where to buy adaptive clothing and shoes for kids, adults and seniors.

It’s been a good year for inclusive fashion.

Earlier this year, Target announced the addition of sensory and adaptive clothing from sizes 00 to 26. Then, Tommy Hilfiger launched a line of adaptive clothes featuring hidden Velcro and magnetic closures.

Still, shoppers with special needs are looking for clothing with very specific features, like tear-away tags, zipperless designs, no buttons, sensory-friendly and clinically accessible for certain treatments. They can be hard to find, but not impossible to find.

<a href="" target="_blank">BILLY Footwear</a> rethinks&nbsp;how kids put on their shoes by creating shoes with zip open/close designs that can be put on with minimal effort.&nbsp;
BILLY Footwear rethinks how kids put on their shoes by creating shoes with zip open/close designs that can be put on with minimal effort. 

Fortunately, places like Target and Zappos are expanding their adaptive clothing collections to fit the needs of more people than ever before. To make the search easier, we’ve pulled together some of the best and most well-known brands creating clothing for a variety of special needs.

Below, 14 adaptive clothing brands that make getting dressed easier:

Nike FlyEase
Nike FlyEase is made for athletes of all abilities and ages. It features a unique slipper-and-strap design for quick and easy on and off. Shop Nike FlyEase. Features:-Performance and function-Easy on/off-Men's women's, kids
Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger's adaptive clothing is a new addition to the brand's already impressive collection. Pieces from the collection feature Velcro and magnetic closures and extra stretch. Shop Tommy Hilfiger's adaptive clothing. Features:-Velcro closures-Hidden magnetic closures-No buttons-No zippers
Under Armour
Though Under Armour isn't specifically marketed as adaptive clothing, many of its styles include adaptive apparel features, like sensory-friendly materials and tagless designs. Shop Under Armour's adaptive styles. Features:-Tagless-Sensory-friendly-Very soft
Independence Day Clothing
Independence Day Clothing makes everyday classic garments that can be reversibly worn forward or backward. Shop Independence Day Clothing. Features:-Tagless styles-Front/back reversible-No buttons-No zippers
BILLY Footwear
BILLY Footwear is rethinking how kids put on their shoes by creating a zip open/close design that can be put on with minimal effort. Shop BILLY Footwear.Features:-Zip-on design-No lacing up
Target Adaptive
Target's adaptive collection is designed to fit the needs of more people than ever before. Shop Target's adaptive line.Features:-Tagless-Sensory friendly-Slip-on designs-Flat seams-Elastic waistbands
4Ward specializes in super soft, sensory-friendly clothing that's also reversible in order to make getting dressed easy. Shop 4ward. Features:-Sensory-friendly-Fully reversible-Tear-away tags
Reboundwear specializes in post-surgical adaptive clothing that's soft, easy to put on and off, and is optimized for hospital visits. Ideal for wound sites, tube incisions, ped feed and other drains like catheters. Shop Reboundwear. Features:-Super soft-Sensory-friendly-Clinically accessible for treatments-Lightweight and antimicrobial-Minimal metallic components
MagnaReady makes casual and dress clothes easy to wear (and stylish!) with magnetic closures. Shop MagnaReady.Features:-Magnetic closures-Elastic interior waistbands
PLAE designs shoes for kids that bring together function and fashion. Shop PLAE.Features:-No laces-Velcro closure-Easy on/off design
NBZ Clothing
NBZ Clothing creates no-button, zipper-free jeans, casual and dress pants for men, women and kids who need stretchy clothes that are easy to pull on. Shop NBZ Clothing. Features:-No zippers-No buttons-Elastic waistbands-Stretch fabric
Care+Wear specializes in innovative solutions for patients who need clothing that's clinically accessible for treatment, like chest access. Shop Care+Wear.Features:-Antimicrobial-Breathable-Clinically accessible for treatments-Stretch-Sensory-friendly
Silvert's makes adaptive clothing and footwear for seniors, elderly and disabled adults. Shop Silvert's. Features:-Comfortable-Easy access clothing-Wheelchair clothing-Diabetic shoes, socks and slippers
Etsy // AliumAdaptiveApparel
Etsy's huge network of designers and artisans are creating unique, one-of-a-kind items every day, including adaptive clothes for people with special needs. Check out Etsy's collection of adaptive clothing sellers, like these side-zip yoga pants from AliumAdaptiveApparel.

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