15 Signs You Are Hopelessly Addicted To Online Shopping

15 Signs You Are Hopelessly Addicted To Online Shopping

Happy Cyber Monday! The addiction many of us have to online shopping is a struggle, and the struggle is real. Take this into consideration: In 2012, U.S. e-commerce sales amounted to $289 billion, and the Monday after Thanksgiving has now become the most important online shopping day in the United States, with Americans spending $1.67 billion on this day in 2012.

Even though you technically have an excuse to indulge today, we know this day is nothing new to the addicts out there. To the truly afflicted online shopper, Cyber Monday is just another day -- but with bigger sales. For anyone still unsure if they fit the bill, here are 15 signs that prove you are undeniably addicted to online shopping.

1. You always have a tab open in your web browser with a full shopping cart waiting for you to click purchase.

And you've kept that tab open for three days debating whether you "really need it."

2. You have a daily routine that consists of cycling through online retailers to see what's new and what's on sale.

Hey, promotions and new item announcements can literally change every hour.

3. You get more promotional emails than real emails.

And yes, please "always display images."

4. Your heart skips a beat when you get an email from a store announcing a sale.

Thirty percent off the whole store?

5. You secretly online shop at work...

And it gets even worse when you go to websites and all of the sponsored ads are the online stores you shop at. Busted.

6. You are on a first-name basis with the post office workers...

And it's not because you're sending mail to anyone. You know exactly which stores have free returns and shipping and you definitely take advantage.

7. You get packages in the mail that you forgot you even ordered...

It can get embarrassing when your roommate sighs and brings you the third package delivered to you that week.

8. You've worked from home -- or just missed work entirely -- to sign for that thing you ordered last week.

You could have had them delivered to the office instead, but then everyone would know you have a problem.

9. Your recycling bin is perpetually overflowing with large cardboard boxes.

Have you considered constructing a box fort?

10. Do you really need 17 different mobile apps to help you spend more money?

Yes. Yes you do.

11. You get anxious when you think about shopping in actual stores...

And when a friend asks if you want to go shopping, your first response is, "But I can just order it online."

12. You are disgusted every time something arrives that isn't what you expected.

Now, you have to go through the process of returning it and then waiting another whole two to three days for the right item.

13. You've accidentally bought the same thing twice.

A common pitfall for those who shop on ten different sites at the same time.

14. You fly into an uncontrollable rage when the item you want is "sold out."

This can't be possible. Why can't online stores have unlimited amounts of every size and color?

15. You end up finally buying that item in that open tab because you do, in fact, really need it.

Stop judging!

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