10 Signs You're Getting Addicted To Blowouts

At first it's just one blowout every few months -- for a wedding, perhaps, or a major family event. Then it's blowouts for job interviews and friends' birthday parties. Soon, you're a full-blown addict (pun intended), itching to go back every week for another spin in the salon chair.

We're exaggerating -- sort of. But as one women recently wrote in W, salon blowouts can become sort of an addiction, to the point where they're costing you upwards of $250 a week.

Most of us aren't there... yet. But here are 10 signs you might be falling too in love with your local Drybar.

When you don't have a blowout, you just put it up in a ponytail. It's not even worth trying.

You start rationalizing the $40-per-blowout cost with sentences like, "That's just, like, the cost of dinner. A nice dinner. But still."

You get bummed out when a day goes by without hair compliments.

You'd rather go out with damp hair than attempt to blow it dry yourself.

You can't remember the last time you washed your hair yourself.

You've figured out how to make a blowout last at least three days.

Your own blowdryer is gathering dust in your bathroom.

The minute you get a party invitation, you check appointment times at your closest blowout salon.

You're equally addicted to dry shampoo, aka the only kind of shampoo in your house.

You're considering pre-buying blowouts as part of your Black Friday shopping.

Here are your hair idols:

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