19 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Pizza

19 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Pizza

Pizza is one of the great crowd-pleasers -- serve it for dinner and people are happy. But not everyone feels all the tingly-good feelings that the pizza-obsessed truly feel for this holy trinity of cheese, tomato sauce and crust.

Some of us know that pizza makes the best breakfast, that it's also the best option for lunch AND dinner, and that there is no such thing as bad pizza. Those "some of us" just might be addicted to pizza. If any of this sounds like you, read on, because you might have a serious addiction to this perfect food. And you are not alone.

1. So far this week, you've already eaten pizza three times.
And it's only Wednesday.

2. You'd travel for pizza.
Italy is your holy land.

3. You agree with Congress: pizza IS a vegetable.
Tomato sauce, guys.

4. Learning that pizza is for dinner is better than finding out you got a promotion.

5. Your favorite pizza place is on speed dial.
They know your order. And name.

6. You love wood-fired pizza, but will happily get down with Little Caesar's.
Pizza pizza.

7. Pizza makes you feel beautiful inside.

8. You know the best way to reheat pizza.
In a skillet, obvs.

9. Cheese, pepperoni, pineapple ... doesn't matter.

10. Your friends and family know better than to talk while you're eating pizza.
Their voices are being drowned out by the heavenly music that plays every time you taste the beautiful combination of bread, tomato and cheese.

11. Frozen pizza is not beneath you.
The freezer is always stocked with at least two.

12. You'll never understand why people made such a fuss about the guy who ate nothing but pizza for 25 years.
You've been doing it for 30.

13. Donuts make a good breakfast, but pizza is even better.
Don't even bother heating it up. (But if you do, see #8.)

14. Every time you take a bite of pizza, it's like the first time.
It never loses its magic.

15. You've made homemade pizza before.
Or at least seriously considered it.

16. When asked what you want for dinner, the answer is always pizza.
How is that even a question??

17. Pizza is your special someone.

18. If you were going to get a tattoo, it'd be of a pizza, of course.
It's all that really matters in life.

19. When you heard that science declared pizza the most addictive food, you were like DUH.

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