17 Signs You're Actually Addicted To The Ocean

17 Signs You're Actually Addicted To The Ocean

The ocean -- or any brilliant, large body of water -- is a powerful and beautiful thing. It gives you special moments that nothing else in the world can, from haunting yet serene silence to electrifying energy.

Some may argue that this fascination borderlines addiction. It is, after all, the only way to explain that euphoric high that being in the ocean gives you, right?

Below, 17 signs you are actually addicted to the ocean. (And are maybe going through withdrawal right now...)

1. You don't understand the appeal of a ski vacation when you could be doing this:

The beach is the only vacation you ever want.

2. When you're close to a beach, somehow more sand ends up inside your car/purse/pockets than in the sandbox at your local park.

And you never bother to clean it out.

3. The weather and/or surf report of your favorite beach is a website you visit daily.

What do normal people fantasize about?

4. Words cannot express how much you love summer.


5. Your Instagram account looks a lot like this:

If there's a sunset without an ocean, you just don't see a reason for capturing it.

6. You don't get it when one of your friends say, "I like going to the beach, I just don't like going in the water."

Seriously, why are you even here?

7. You'll take a beach work out over a gym work out any day of the week.

Sweating is soooo much better when it's by the sea.

8. Bali, Tahiti and Fiji are all on your travel bucket list.

And when you get there, this beach dance is completely necessary.

9. Your phone or desktop wallpaper looks something like this right now:

+50 points if the image is underwater. +100 points if it's an image of you underwater.

10. Your heart actually hurts when you see photos of other people's beach vacations on social media.

It's just not fair.

11. The beach-boho trend is the perfect excuse for you to dress like it's a beach day, everyday, regardless of weather.

A style? Nope, it's a way of life.

12. You've seen every single ocean-related documentary on Netflix.

Deep sea animals are very, very trippy.

13. You either have a GoPro or have been begging for one for months.

And when you finally get one, your Instagram game jumps up 500%.

14. Your swimsuit is always easily accessible:
hanging bathing suits

And it makes you smile just to see it every now and again.

15. You probably grew up close to a body of water, but if you didn't, you definitely took on any mission just to get there as often as possible.

Whatever it takes, right?

16. You completely lose your sh!* during shark week.

I'll see you in about seven days, kthxbye.

17. You believe, whole heartedly, that this is one of the best feelings in the world:

And you're forever chasing that stoke.

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