We Can't Stop Designing Insane 18th-Century Wigs

This game is seriously addicting.

The people at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London really want you to procrastinate -- in the name of 18th-century fashion.

Their new design-a-wig game lets you create ridiculous Marie Antoinette-esque sky-high hairstyles, complete with powder, gems and other absurd ornaments that are just begging to make a modern-day comeback.

The game is as easy as it is addicting: first, you create any ridiculous wig style you want by "combing" (scrolling) the hair in any direction. Then, you can throw on whichever decorations your heart desires. 

"In the late 18th century, women's hair styles went crazy! Create and share your own hair-raising design," reads the game's instructions. 

Challenge accepted, Victoria and Albert. Challenge. Accepted.

Apparently, the authentic human or horsehair wigs were built up with padding and pig fat. Sounds appealing, right? 

Modern-day styles pale in comparison to these looks. Katy Perry gets crazy with color, and Lady Gaga achieves some serious volume. But why not experiment with a more historically classic look? May we suggest a ship, some fans, and a noggin full of the queen's jewels?

Here's hoping that this game inspires a new generation of hair styles, and 2016 becomes the year of the 18th century wig. Sayonara, man buns, you've overstayed your welcome anyway. 

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