Addiction Recovery Under the New Insurance Laws

Addiction Recovery Under the New Insurance Laws
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Opiates addiction is on the rise again because what starts as a simple prescription for back pain is ending in overdoses and suicides, especially the millennial crowd who are faced with limited insurance options. Is there hope for those who are left uninsured under the new laws?

Addiction is one of the largest threats to America right now. With around 90% of Americans going without treatment, and $442 BILLION spent on addiction annually (twice that of diabetes), many of them are beginning as teens and it’s becoming epidemic.

The POTUS’s platform was of protecting our youth, reversing the inner city blight for minorities, and keeping America safe.

He even addressed congress saying “we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth — and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted." But Congress has yet to take any effective action, leaving Americans wondering.

So with a promise to make a difference and millions of Americans who are currently addicted and needing treatment, the holdup could prove deadly while they wait for an effective solution. Even with insurance coverage, rehab is plagued with many problems even before the current issues.

<p>Dean Stojic and staff from</p>

Dean Stojic and staff from

Dean Stojic from (an online addiction recovery solution) has observed that clinics seem to be in the “retention business” because long term success is so low. Meaning – patients are likely to come for a treatment more than once, more often than not.

He feels that throwing more money at a broken treatment system won’t make any difference in the lives of those afflicted with addiction. A more effective and lasting solution is needed for treating addiction.

Dr. James Hardt of the BioCybernaut Institute with locations worldwide has noticed this issue as well, which is why his alpha brainwave biofeedback training also focuses on a results driven, life changing treatment to make massive change, that truly lasts.

<p>Dr. James Hardt of the BioCybernaut Institute</p>

Dr. James Hardt of the BioCybernaut Institute

And it appears they are right, with the chance of relapsing being very high, within 1st year alone. The near $30,000.00 per patient spent on each and every vacation style rehab center just isn’t keeping patients clean long-term and the repeat visits is costing America over and over again for a treatment plan that isn’t working.

Many hardcore Americans are losing sympathy for the addicted, thinking sheer will power or better parenting could take care of the problem. But opiates and addiction in general goes way deeper than that. This isn’t something that can be broken on your own.

Your body is literally addicted and your brain will do whatever it takes to feed that fix. These pills are costing lives and are harming America, and something needs to change.

There is also the fact that even those who do have insurance may be afraid to use it for privacy reasons.

If they have a job where security clearance is important, or they work with children, their livelihood could be at risk if it is found out they have an addiction problem. Approximately 90% who go without treatment for privacy, or lack of insurance reasons, could be receiving treatment under a more effective system. That’s over 20+ Million Americans.

So what should be done? I see we have 2 items to discuss. The cost of treatment and the effectiveness of that treatment. Yet Congress can’t even agree on how to get things going let alone find a true way to treat addiction once and for good.

When you look at the numbers, the nation’s addiction problem is not going away. The recent rise in opioids, pain pills and heroin, addiction and deaths are bleak evidence that the issue has grown and when you add in binge drinking on college campuses, it shows that we need new ways to attack the problem.

Perhaps with innovators in brain research like Dr. Hardt, or groundbreaking treatment methods that are more affordable from Mr. Stojic at LiveRich with his LiveFree Training, the Rehab industry will get the renovation it needs.

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