The 7 Things Post 50s Say They Can't Live Without

From many accounts, post 50s are an addicted lot. The population's use of alcohol and illegal substances is on the rise. As a result, their number of visits to the emergency room also has hit record highs.

No doubt these sorts of addictions are serious business.

On a much more benign note, the ability to "binge-view" -- people who spend entire weekends watching "Breaking Bad" or "Walking Dead" or some other show du jour -- has created a lot of TV addicts among post 50s as well.

Other post 50s can't go an hour without a shot of sugar or caffeine.

Are boomers a more addictive bunch than other generations? The answer's not clear. But there are at least a few experts who believe post 50s grew up learning to cope with life's problems by trying to escape them -- and so ARE more prone to addictive personalities.

We had our Facebook fans chime in on the topic by asking them about their addictions. Many said they couldn't live without a favorite TV show. Others admitted to being hooked on several things at once.

"Sipping on beer on my days off... smoking cigs on the porch... 'The Big Bang Theory'... 'Breaking Bad'... 'Roseanne' and 'Golden Girls'," said Renate Lazzaretto. "Not to mention my love for watching foreign films!"

So what were the most popular guilty pleasures? Check out the 7 most-cited responses in our slideshow below. What do you think? Let us know in comments.



7 Things Post 50s Say They're Addicted To