Addison Logan, Kansas Teen, Finds Picture Of Uncle In Polaroid Camera Bought At Garage Sale (PHOTO)

Boy Buys Old Polaroid Camera, Finds Picture Of Uncle

Addison Logan never expected to make a new discovery inside an old Polaroid camera.

The 13-year-old picked up the device for $1 at a garage sale in Wichita, Kan. But when he opened the camera, he found a photo of his uncle, Scott Logan, who died in a car accident more than 20 years ago, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Addison's grandmother, Lois Logan, estimated the photograph was taken about 10 years before her son's death. She said the woman in the picture is a high school girlfriend.

But family members had a hard time believing the photo wound up in their possession by complete coincidence.

"The more time has passed, I just realize the astronomical odds of something like that happening. It baffles me and gives me goose bumps to think about," Blake Logan, Addison's father, told the Los Angeles Times.

Although Addison's garage-sale find was certainly priceless, other bargain shoppers have unknowingly snagged valuable items for a fraction of their value.

Earlier this year, an English businessman paid $5 for several drawings at a Las Vegas garage sale only to discover one of the sketches was an Andy Warhol original worth about $2 million.

Similarly, a shopper stumbled across an original Picasso print at an Ohio thrift store for just $14. The Columbus resident was in shock when he discovered the item was valued at $6,000.

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