Adeel Ayub, British Supermarket Worker, Accused Of Licking Chicken (VIDEO)

Adeel Ayub, a British supermarket worker accused of filming himself licking a frozen chicken in the store where he had worked, has been jailed for causing criminal damage.

Ayub, 30, had been filmed by a co-worker committing a number of pranks at the store in Preston, Lancashire. His pranks included slashing staff room furniture, cutting colleague's clothes, letting off fire extinguishers, urinating in a trash can, and apparently licking a frozen chicken.

According to The Daily Telegraph:

A pre-sentence report had recommended he did not receive a custodial sentence but Preston magistrates were so appalled by his behavior that they gave him the maximum sentence available of two months.

The footage was filmed during Ayub's time with the supermarket between 2005 and 2008. It was left anonymously in a brown envelope at the front desk of a local newspaper and then passed on to Asda, who contacted Preston Police.

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