Adele's Live 'All I Ask' Performance In New York City Is Honestly Unreal

Sobbing as usual.

Adele. Like, are you even kidding ...

The singer's "Live In New York City" concert special aired Monday night, and featured a for the ages performance of ballad "All I Ask," off her recently released record-breaking album "25." 

Get ready to weep, sit there with your jaw open for a minute just kind of shaking your head, do your best to process the vocal situation she's got going on, press play again and then continue to weep. Honestly it's a predetermined sequence. 

Thank our lucky little stars, because fans can experience the magic of Adele singing live themselves during her 2016 North American tour, announced Monday. Tickets for the 56-date endeavor, starting July 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota and closing out Nov. 25 in Mexico City, go on sale Dec. 17. 

If you need a little more live Adele performances in the meantime, her stellar rendition of "Hello" from last month should tide you over.

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