Adele Is Asked How Many Sex Partners She's Had. Her Answer Cracks Up Internet.

A fan Q&A on Instagram Live took a highly personal turn into the singer's "body count."

A fan was rolling in the deeply personal with a question asking Adele what her “body count” was in an Instagram Live Q&A over the weekend.

But the “Hello” singer didn’t get mad at the inappropriate query, which used a slang term for the number of sex partners one has had. She seemed to get confused instead.

“What’s my body count? What does that mean?” she replied.

The 15-time Grammy winner, who last week introduced a snippet of her new single as expectations grow for an upcoming album, moved on to the next question, Page Six reported.

But the brief exchange amused people on social media for far longer. Some commented on the temerity of the questioner and others on Adele’s apparent incomprehension. A few thought she was well aware of what she was asked and was just being coy.

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