'I'm Devastated': Adele Cancels Final Tour Dates Due To Damaged Vocal Cords

This may be the singer's final tour ever.

After performing 121 shows in less than two years, Adele announced on Friday that she is cancelling the final two performances of her 2017 tour because her vocal chords are damaged.

“I don’t even know how to start this,” the singer wrote in an emotional Facebook post.

“I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all today and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords,” she explained, adding that she was medically advised to stop performing. “To say I’m heart broken would be a complete understatement.”

Adele’s announcement comes after two successful performances at the Wembley Stadium in London on June 28 and June 29, both of which were predicted to have 100,000 in attendance per night. It also appears to confirm rumors that this would be her final tour.

In the program of the Wembley tours, Adele included a handwritten note which suggested she would never tour again.

Touring “doesn’t suit me particularly well,” she wrote in the note. “I’m a real homebody and I get so much joy in the small things. Plus I’m dramatic and have a terrible history of touring. Until now that is!”

Adele said on Friday that her performances at the Wembley Stadium were the “biggest and best shows of my life,” but explained that she “struggled vocally.”

She said that she had considered “lip miming” the last two scheduled shows for a chance to be with her fans in person, but decided against it saying, “I cannot in a million years do that to you. It wouldn’t be the real me up there.”

Adele has suffered from a recurrent vocal chord hemorrhage, which forced her to cancel shows and undergo surgery in 2011. The singer was also forced to cancel tour dates last August due to a cold.

Adele said that refunds would be issued if her final shows could not be rescheduled and promised that more information would be revealed in the following days.

We’re heartbroken over the thought of never seeing our global treasure tour again, but if that’s the case, then we may just have to say hello to her from the other side of her future albums.

Get well soon, Adele!



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