This Adele And 'Captain America' Mashup Is Giving Us All The Feels

Hello, it's me, Tony Stark.

It's official: Adele makes everything better. 

Vimeo user Anthony Meadows has given us the mashup we never knew we wanted, but now can't live without -- "Captain America: Civil War" set to Adele's smash hit "Hello." The first trailer for the third installment in Cap's solo franchise debuted last week and we've already worn our trackpads down with repeat viewings (The Black Panther! A flying Scarlet Witch! Black Widow's new wig!). 

It only makes sense that Meadows would combine the two biggest pop culture phenomenons out there into one glorious amalgam called "The Civil War Bromance Version."

Can't Captain America and Iron Man just work out their issues with a good old-fashioned Adele sob fest like the rest of us? We're pretty sure that would solve most of the world's problems. 

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