This Is Why You Couldn't Get Adele Tickets

By the numbers.

Tickets to Adele's North American tour went live Thursday but after a swift sellout, droves of fans left Ticketmaster empty-handed. 

Just how many would-be concertgoers there are out there became clear Friday, when Ticketmaster revealed in a memo that more than 10 million fans visited the site to buy tickets. 

In New York, more than 4 million tried to purchase the roughly 120,000 tickets available for Adele's six shows at Madison Square Garden, according to Just Jared. (Talk about odds ever not in your favor, Adele heads!) 

“Unfortunately, when there is such an exceptional artist with unprecedented demand against short supply, there are inevitably going to be disappointed fans,” Ticketmaster president Jared Smith wrote in the memo. 

On Thursday, the Internet alighted with memes capturing the experience of trying to score the hot tix.

Guess there really were a ton of people feeling like this: 

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