Adele Sips Wine, Talks Feminism Like The Boss Lady She Is

👑 Queen Adele 👑 isn’t afraid of "f**king being bossy."

Adele has no time for men who underestimate her.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Grammy winner discussed being in business meetings full of men and offered her take on feminism, even while being unaware of the momentum the gender equality movement has gained in pop culture.

"If there's a movement, that's great," she said. "Who's doing it? Will you ask me if I'm a feminist? I don't think many men in interviews get asked if they're feminist."

Though she wasn't explicitly asked, Adele still gave a perfect answer. "I'm a feminist," she said, while "sipping wine." "I believe that everyone should be treated the same, including race and sexuality."

Adele touched on her experience with gender inequality and described what it was like being underestimated by men in business meetings. Unsurprisingly, she had a kickass view about men who approached her with what Rolling Stone described as a "what do you know?" attitude.

"It's like, 'Well, I'm the f**king artist,'" she said. "'So I f**king know everything, actually! Like, don't f**king talk down to me!'"

Adele's interview took another girl power turn when she revealed she worked with Sia on her upcoming album titled "25" and gave us serious boss lady goals.

"I actually love the dynamic of us both being in there and just f**king being bossy," she said. "And it's all these male producers, and they're all f**king shitting themselves 'cause we're in there."

Never change, Adele. 

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