Adele Knows Exactly What Went Wrong With Her Grammys Performance

"All I Ask" is that the Grammys fix these technical issues.

UPDATE: 12:00 a.m. -- As it turns out, Adele knew exactly what happened during her Grammys performance, and she chalked it all up to the fact that "sh*t happens."

PREVIOUSLY: OK, let's get something straight. Adele can do no wrong, but something was definitely off during her Grammys performance on Monday night.

The British songstress took the stage dressed in a sparkly floor-length red dress to break your heart with "All I Ask," co-written by Bruno Mars, from her record-shattering album "25."

Accompanied only by a piano, the usually flawless Adele faltered a bit during the performance, looking très uncomfortable on the platform. Maybe it was a faulty background mix or maybe it was nerves, but the number was an undeniably low moment in the year of Adele.

Her expressions during the seemingly endless song ranged from confused to OMG, get me off this stage. She ended the performance with a salute to Kendrick Lamar, who made his mark on the Grammys earlier in the night.

"Kendrick, you're amazing," she told the audience.

Social media immediately exploded with some particularly hilarious reactions from the Twitterverse.

We doubt she's too concerned with the haters, considering she already has 10 Grammys.


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