Adele - 'Hello' 2016 (News Parody)

Adele's depressing song deserves to tell the story of all the news from 2015! From Donald Trump and Bill Cosby to protests of gay bakeries and Tom Brady. From Pope Francis to Kanye West's baby. It's been one hell of a year. (The only person who had a good year was Amy Schumer. Congrats Amy!)

We highly recommend watching through the whole video (or at least past the first minute or two) since, much like Adele's song, it gets nice and dramatic as it goes along:)

We wish you a happy new year and here's to 2016!


Thank you to Jason Andre Smith for joining me in this!

Co-written by: Jackie Koppell & Jay Michel

Directed by: Jeremy Cordy
Cinematography by: Adam Boggs
Production: Black Noise Industries