The Best Covers Of Adele's 'Hello' We've Heard So Far

You're going to need a whole lot of tissues for this.
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Earlier this week, Claudio Sanchez of Coheed And Cambria (you know you loved them back in high school and/or college) released a video of himself covering Adele's "Hello."

Sanchez's rendition of the ballad is hauntingly beautiful thanks to his high voice, which lends itself surprisingly well to the track.

After hearing it, we naturally reached for the tissues, and then of course couldn't help but listen to more covers -- because if we're going to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of the year, it's obviously going to be "Hello."

Check out our favorite covers of Adele's hit song below. You're going to want to listen to all of them, we promise you won't be disappointed.

1. Claudio Sanchez (Coheed And Cambria)

Simple, emotional and haunting.

2. Adorable Little Girl

You're going to need extra tissues for this one. It's just so cute and will definitely pull at those heartstrings and give you all the feels. Also, she has a CARDBOARD GUITAR. It's too much.

This is the cutest!!!!! Adele

Posted by La La Anthony on Monday, December 14, 2015

3. Lydia Lee

The Seoul Music high school student became an online sensation with her beautiful cover. She even appeared on "Ellen" and sang it for the audience.

4. Demi Lovato

Lovato showed off her impressive pipes when she performed the Adele ballad at Seattle's Fall Ball. Girl has some serious chops.

5. Amanda Cole

The YouTube singer gives Adele's song a whole lot of soul and an added touch of grittiness.

6. ASL Interpretation

Seeing this song performed in American Sign Language makes it even more mesmerizing.

7. Bryson Andres on Violin

Adele's lyrics are beautiful, but so is this lovely violin loop cover.

8. Castro the Band

Castro the Band creates beautiful harmonies with their three voices, giving "Hello" a unique texture and depth.

9. Peddo Brian on Ukulele

We never thought we'd hear "Hello" as a reggae song, but we really love it.

10. Conor Maynard

This stripped-down version of "Hello" is another one that will really get you in the gut. Seriously, stock up on the tissues.

11. Alex Boye

Adele + "Star Wars" = the best thing we could ever ask for.

12. Ten Second Songs

This rendition is basically 25 covers in one video, making it arguably the most impressive one on this list. You have to watch it from beginning to end for the full effect, but we promise it's worth it.

13. Toby Randall

YouTuber Toby Randall's understated cover may not have Adele's powerful vocals, but it's just as heartbreaking as the original.

14. Lyar

You may not think Adele and rap would go together, but this clip proves they do. It's also got some trop-house beats that will have you bopping in your seat.

15. Leroy Sanchez

Sanchez's cover is just plain wonderful.

16. Holly Henry

YouTuber Holly Henry's unique vocals give "Hello" a totally different feel, but we're into it. If Lana Del Rey and CocoRosie had a child, this might be how he or she would sound.

17. Sam Tsui, Casey Breves, KHS

This cover has everything you could want: emotion, harmonies and beautiful voices, along with some powerful percussion beats.

18. RoughCopy

RoughCopy takes "Hello" and turns it into a mix that's (dare we say) worthy of some recognition by DJ Mustard.

19. Lukas Rossi

We couldn't make a list of covers without including a rock version of "Hello," and this one by Lukas Rossi is pretty fantastic.

20. The Voices

We think we may have just found some inspiration for the next "Pitch Perfect" movie in this cover (screenwriters, take note!). Beautiful.

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